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SGA_fic: Uncertain Thing, PG-15, Gen 1/5

Title: Uncertain Thing
Author: vain_glorious
Rating: PG-15/R but no graphic sex or violence. Gen.
Summary: A series of medical issues threatens Sheppard's place on the team.
Word Count: ~28,000 in total, cut into parts for length not flow.
Author's note: Set over season 4, pretends Teyla's pregnancy and the Michael situation never happened, but not otherwise AU.
Warnings:  Very long and ultimately wrong. That's all the warnings I'll give. If you make it all the way through, I'd love to know it.
Disclaimer: Not mine.

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Put The Pieces Back Together My Way 1/2, PG-13, gen, sequel to Unresolved and Questions

Title: Put The Pieces Back Together My Way
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Rating: PG-13, gen, AU from season 3ish
Summary: Sheppard tries to reunite his team and go home for real.
Word Count: 12,165 (total)
Author's note: The sequel to This to me is how to leave matters unresolved and its sequel I Can't Ask These Questions That Cannot Be Answered, an unintentional series that developed out of reader response to the first story. The series is now complete. Likely to make no sense without reading the first two. If you have enjoyed this, please drop me a comment.

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SG_rareparings fic: This To Me Is How to Leave Matters Unresolved, PG-13 "run" 2/2

Title: This To Me Is How To Leave Matters Unresolved, Part 2/2
Author: vain_glorious 
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sheppard becomes ill returning from a mission
Characters: Was supposed to be Teyla & Rodney, became everyone.
Out of order? Here's part 1.
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