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SG_rareparings fic: To be in between, Carter/Ronon/Mitchell, "steam", threesome, R/NC-17

Title: To Be In Between
Author: vain_glorious
Rating: R/NC-17
Word Count: 1,054
Summary: Cameron visits Sam on Atlantis, meets Ronon.
Disclaimer: Not Mine

“I’m so glad you came,” Sam  said, as Cameron Mitchell followed her down the halls of Atlantis. “I know it’s a lot of time to take off and spend cooped up on the Apollo.”

“No biggie,” Cam said, shrugging it off. “I like the Apollo, and it’s kind of nice to be on a spaceship that’s just going from point A to point B and not to blow something up.”

Sam grimaced, but she nodded in agreement.

They rounded a corner and Cam nearly walked smack into the chest of someone much taller than he was. He jerked sideways, avoiding a collision at the last second. The other guy didn’t move.

“Oh,” Sam said. “This is Ronon Dex.”

The huge guy had a mass of dreadlocks and he was making a scary face. Cam had never met him, but he’d been described by both Carter and Teal’c. There was no way this was someone else.

“Ronon Dex, this is my friend Colonel Cameron Mitchell, he’s here on a visit.” Sam said. “Just a friendly visit,” she added, and coughed.

Dex eyed Mitchell up and down. His scowl didn’t deepen, which may have been a good sign. He dipped his head in acknowledgement, then stepped aside and strolled right past them.

“Nice to meet you,” Cam called dryly after the big man. To Carter, his said, “Teal’c failed to mention that he was taller than T.”

Sam smirked, “I take it you didn’t meet while he was at the SGC?”

“No, it took a while to clean up the lock down,” Cam said. “We were off world on a planet that really liked mushrooms. We got to spend two weeks there. Vala tried to steal their holy mushroom and got put in prison, and Jackson ate the wrong kind and spent four days hallucinating. It was kinda fun.” He grew serious. “Not as fun as the Wraith invasion of the SGC, I guess. I saw those things in the morgue when we got back. They’re ugly motherfuckers.”

“Yeah,” Sam said, flatly. She directed him to turn. “Here’s the mess. Hope you’re hungry.”

They filled their trays and found two empty seats.

“Dex was gone by the time we got back,” Cam continued. “But Teal’c had some stories.”

“Yeah?” Asked Sam, curious.

“He said he liked him,” Cam said. “But that he didn’t think Dex liked you very much. Mentioned something about would have liked to have the time to persuade him otherwise.”

“Mmm,” Sam said, around her fork, mouthful.

“I don’t know if he meant beat the crap out of the guy or what,” Cam said, “but if he’s not respecting you I’d be glad to try and persuade him otherwise.”

Sam swallowed sharply. “Hey,” she said, “I’m in command, remember? I don’t have to persuade anyone to respect me. And if I did, I wouldn’t need to import someone to do it for me.

Cam raised his hands in surrender. “I didn’t say you needed it, I just said I’d be happy to provide it. I don’t like hearing about people giving you a tough time. It makes me want to hit them.”

“Oh, that is so not happening again,” Sam muttered, but she declined to elaborate. “I’ll admit, there are some elements of commanding Atlantis I wasn’t quite prepared for. I think Teal’c saw me make a misstep. But Ronon and I have resolved our differences now.”


“Ronon really liked the previous commander,” Sam said. “It was hard for him to accept a replacement, and then he had his loyalty questioned by the IOA. He was pretty pissed off by the whole thing, and I could have handled it more delicately. I didn’t really understand him, but I’m coming to.”

“Good,” Cam said. “Do you think he’d agree to spar with me? Teal’c said he was ‘impressive’ – so he must be awesome.”

“No,” Sam said, with a firm smile. “No one from SG-1 is allowed to spar with anyone here. It’s a new rule I enacted after Teal’c left.”

“That sucks,” Cam said, accepting it without comment. “Though it must be cool to make rules for the whole city.”

“Most of them begin with ‘No’,” Sam said. “Almost all of them, actually.”

After lunch, she took him on a tour of the city. His previous visit had been too complicated with imminent alien attack to do much site seeing. It really was a gorgeous place, and he was so proud of Sam for leading it.

They ended up at her quarters, which were impressively huge.

“Being in charge has its perks,” Sam said.

“Big bed,” Cam agreed, and then he pushed her down onto it.

They were naked, shortly, and slick with sweat and excitement. Maybe it was because it had been so long, but she felt different. Firmer, stronger and hotter, if it was possible.

He was so involved in kissing her, so focused on being within her, he didn’t notice the door sliding open until a shadow crossed the bed. Cam was so startled he would have jumped to his feet, but Sam grabbed his forearms and held him firmly in place. She’d definitely been working out; her fingers closed around him like steel.

He peered over his own shoulder, shocked to find Dex standing in the closed doorway. His eyes shone, even in the dimness, glued to the scene before him.

“Huh?” Cam managed, and Sam pulled him down, close to her face.

“I asked him to join us,” she whispered, her eyes glinting.“Okay?”

“Warn a guy,” Cam said, meekly. Like he could ever say no to her. He heard movement behind him, the thud of clothes hitting the floor.

He tried to move again, but Sam was holding him in place, with her arms and her legs, and much more than that.

“No sparring,” she reminded him, lips running along his jaw line. “Just a friendly visit.”

The bed dipped behind them, Dex’s weight coming down on either side of Cam’s legs. A big hand suddenly landing lightly in the center of Cam’s back. It was so much cooler than Cam’s skin, it felt like the pores should be steaming under his touch.

Dex’s fingers were sliding downwards, and Sam wasn’t letting him move, so he did the only thing he could and pressed his mouth to hers.  

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