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Welcome & Fic Index

I've decided to start archiving my 5-things lists here, along with any full length (ha!) fic that gets written. This post will stick at the top, but I'm beginning the archiving after Christmas 2007. :)

I use this journal solely to archive my 5-things-ing, and any possible full length fan fiction that gets written. I post very rarely. Feel free to friend me. If you friend me without ever commenting on my fic, I might be a tad putout. I'm not very into LJworld, I make no personal posts, just random spurts of fic. I do my best to comment on fic I like, and that's about it. I love feedback and get sad and confused when my posts got lots of hits but no comments. :)

Fic Index:

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 Warning Policy: I do not warn for major plots element. I will not, for instance, warn for "Butlers doing it" if the plot is "the Butler did it."

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