vain_glorious (vain_glorious) wrote,

sga_flashfic: Righteous Echo, PG-13, gen

Title: Righteous Echo
Author: Vain_Glorious
Rating/pairing: PG, gen
Characters: Ronon, Team
Word count: 112
Summary: The events of the episode 'Sateda'.

Melena went to ashes and the sky exploded. The buildings went to rubble and the land went to craters. It was the same when Ronon Dex went home.

Melena went to ashes and the sky exploded. The rubble went to dust and the craters went to chasms. Sateda had gone to legend and the legend of Sateda would go with it this time.

His brothers had gone in screaming darts or gone screaming. Ronon did not follow.

His brothers followed. Ronon had gone screaming.  

Every one of them was killed.

They killed every one of them.

It was righteously unfair. He lost it all.

It was righteously unfair. He won it all.

Author’s Note: Reconsideration of Sateda. The lines are alternating; every other one is the events of the episode after Ronon is returned home, the line before is what happened the last time he was there.

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Tags: ronon

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